History of the Aston Martin Virage


The Virage was launched to the world at the Birmingham Motor Show.
The first new Aston model for over 20 years, the Virage was billed as a car for the world. The 135,000 price tag didn't stop the order book being filled up

October 1990

Aston Martin Lagonda announced the introduction of the 2 seater Volante.

March 1991

Aston Martin Lagonda announced the introduction of the 2+2 Volante. In addition to gaing two rear seats, this Volante version also benefitted from a lower hood stowage line.


Introduction of the 6.3 litre conversions. At a cost of 50,000 over the price of a standard car.


To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Aston Martin Owners Club, Aston Martin Loganda joined forces with Cartier to produce a one off edition of the Virage Volante. This "wide bodied" 5.3 litre car featured silver paintwork and black interior and hood and was offered for sale with a matched set of Cartier jewellery With the jewellery itself valued at around $1.0m, the whole package had an initial value of around $1.25m.


Production of the Virage Volante ceased. Overall, 365 fixed head Virages were built (between 1989 and 1995) and 233 Volantes (1992 - 1996) In the last 2 years of production, Volantes accounted for over 90% of all Virages built.